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Super-duper Tsunami Tuesday

Much will be written today about the next twelve to fifteen hours. It is primary election day, aka Super Tuesday, Super-duper Tuesday, or as I have even heard it called, Tsunami Tuesday.

I live in Illinois, one of the many states where the political party leaders questionably saw fit to move the primary from March to this date. I understand the political wrangling and the jockeying for position and bragging rights to having an influence in the primary process. But understanding does not mean I agree.

And what is with the states where anywhere from half to all of their delegates won’t even count toward their state’s nomination process? For those states to have gone forward with their primary election day follies is the political equivalent of cutting one’s nose off to spite one’s face.

So what does today mean?

It means that, at least on the Republican side, barring the unexpected most people who live in states where the primary elections will be held after today will not necessarily even need to vote. I predict exceedingly low voter turnout in those states over the next few months. I know if I were still living in Kentucky, I would view my vote as not having any influence. It is tantamount to a “beauty contest.”

I would be outraged.

In fact, I am outraged. I have a difficult time believing our founding fathers intended the process to be manipulated as it has been this year. It is a dangerous precedent to take away the meaning of so many voters. It moves our society another step away from a government elected by the people.

I hope this will not be a permanent change in our election process.

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